Ok, I sound overly enthusiastic.

But thats besides the point. The point is, I haven’t posted since March and I looking back, I actually haven’t read since January! *MEGAGASPS* (though I’m currently reading something now ofc). I could go on and on about why I haven’t posted but I guess the reason is because university deadlines confused my life and I just lost interest I guess. But uni’s over now and I have nothing to do so I guess I’ve kind of sort of jumped on the bandwagon now.

There’ll be changes to the blog; going to try and ‘neaten’ it up a bit and just put in a bit more effort really. Hard to believe it’s almost a year since I started this blog! I have a writing project in mind and I thought I’d record my progress on here and I’ll probably write a separate post about the project anyway. (I actually created a separate blog to record progress but that didn’t last long). I’m also going to introduce new topics on this blog, and make it more ‘bookish’. I’m planning on shifting all my student related posts and driving posts to a new student blog because it just feels better like that. So please feel free to check out:

http://www.theelcstudent.wordpress.com for ALL student related posts and driving updates :)

To sum everything up, it’s a work in progress.

When you have ten billion things going on around you, it can be hard to keep track of it all. I’ve tried so many times to make a list and cross off what I’ve completed but it’s never really worked for me. What has worked for me were calendars. I usually keep track of everything that needs to be done on my phone calendar but it isn’t till recently I’ve come across another. For around a month now, I’ve been using Google Calendar  to keep track of what needs to be done!


A few things I like about this calendar in comparison to the one on my phone:

  • Colour co-ordination
  • The layout
  • You can see everything in a month in advance
  • Reminder sent via email (these have been a life saver!)

But I think the best thing of all is that if you’re using the same gmail as the one on your phone, this calendar is automatically synced to the one of your phone so everything you’ve planned out on your computer or laptop is also on your phone!

Honestly, something like this for me as a student is a life saver. I’m constantly forgetting to renew library books or assignment deadlines and without having to worry about when what is due in, a simple glance at my calendar or even a reminder sent via email is incredibly helpful!

Below is video in which I discovered Google Calendar. The video also has other cool ideas on how you can keep organised!


I thought I’d write a post on roundabouts for two reasons. Well, one. I used to get so confused about the lingo surrounding these roundabouts. And you’re probably thinking “WHAT CAR LINGO?” but honestly, I’m just saying this is to make myself feel better about only just grasping this (well, twenty lessons in, feel free to judge).

But if you’re confused about this, hey it’s ok. This post if for you. (And for myself too)

‘Left at the Roundabout”


Planning ahead here, you see that you need to turn left at the roundabout. Upon approaching, make sure you’re in the second gear and you have your indicator flashing left. When it’s safe to do so, exit left. This is also known as your first exit.

“Straight ahead at the Roundabout”


If you want to go straight ahead at a roundabout, make sure you’re in second gear when approaching. DON’T signal. This is so those behind you know that you’re going straight ahead at the roundabout. When it is safe to do so, drive round till you pass the first exit. Just after you pass this, turn on your left signal. This lets people behind you know that you’re leaving at the next exit i.e. going straight ahead at the roundabout. This is also your second exit. (The green dash on the diagram shows you when is the best time to signal)

“Right at the roundabout”


On approaching, make sure you are in the second gear and you have your right signal going. When it is safe to do so, go round till you just pass the second exit. When you’re here and as shown by the diagram, signal left just as your pass to let those behind you know that you intend to leave at the next exit. This is your third exit.

At some roundabouts, they may have double lanes going the same way so usually, you need to stay to the right if you intend to leave at the right and then move to the left to exit. Other notes to keep in mind are to be wary of cars around you because some idiots will actually overtake you or won’t even care to signal so be careful.

I hope this post helped you in some way!

Hey there!

Long time no blog! Truth be told, I’ve been really busy and now here I am. I just wanted to make a quick post and say that I have finally decided to stick to a posting schedule. Yes, it’s finally happened!

I’ll be posting every Thursday each week, so that’s four posts in a month! I think that’s enough to balance out my uni work as well as my commitment to this blog! Each month you’ll get a book review, a student related post, a driving post and something fun thats book related. One reason why I decided to create this posting schedule is because of the book reviews. I felt pressured into reading so many books JUST to get a review up. I actually don’t have the time to read anymore because of the heavy workload from university but allowing myself one book a month and then a review seems so much more better!

So, I’m just going to sign off now and get on with some assignments.

How was your day?


The final bloguary of this year!
I’m sort of quite shocked at how January has flown by and we’re swooping into February soon. I know I’ve missed like three days (not consecutively) but other than that, I can say that this was mission accomplished! I don’t want to reflect back in this post, I think I’ll be reflecting back in my own time and just amuse myself, not that I’ve written anything really entertaining.

I think once Bloguary is well and truly over, my blog might be a bit quiet because I’m not uploading everyday but I’m always looking for ways to improve my blog so watch this space! I should really focus on reading more books so I can get more reviews up. So far I seem to be uploading one review a month, which is sort of ok I guess. But soon I want to get into the habit of having ‘themed’ months where I’ll be reading certain genres or whichever!

I’m also thinking of sharing some of my creative writing pieces on here, just so I can get some content on. Something I definitely want to improve is my writing I mean, I like to write but I want to write more often and I want to write well!

Here’s me waffling on, eh what else do you expect. But before I commit to anything, Bloguary 2015 is still undecided for me as I’ll be going into my 2nd year of uni and unsure of what the workload will be like but one thing I am thinking of doing for next year is turning Bloguary into a tag so we can challenge eachother to blog everyday and perhaps set a challenge for each day? Who knows!



And I totally accept it. Yes, I was a bit disappointed but hey, it was my fault.

I received marks for that English essay I was struggling to finish because I just wasn’t bothered. And I didn’t have the correct mindset. There so much talk of how the first year of university doesn’t count at all to your final grade for your degree so yes, after learning this fact a few weeks into university, I slacked. Not A LOT but let’s just say I didn’t put in the effort that a hard working person would’ve.

When I got my marks, at first I was shocked because I mean once you submit any essay I think you usually expect to get a decent mark for it. But my mark represented my lack of effort which is why I got over it really quickly. One of my new years resolutions was to work harder in university. Yes, first year may not count, but it matters to me- that’s what I’ve realised. In Semester A when you see a lot of people getting higher marks than you, you’re left thinking ‘hey, how come I got…’. 

But then you have to look back and think, did I really put in the effort? 

By no means did I fail, I just passed. Just. There’s a saying that goes something like ‘don’t let failure discourage you’ and although it’s so easy to get discouraged and slack in your work, alternatively you can use that experience as motivation and come back fighting stronger and I honestly believe that this applies to all aspects of life.

I’ve already started to work harder this term and I think it’s already showing because unlike last semester, I’m understanding concepts more by taking notes down and going over them. I have three assignments and two tests coming up and I’m determined to do well in them. It may not count at all but it matters to me because how hard I work is very important to me. Because I know I CAN work really well and present some pretty cool ideas, it’s just the effort that needs to be utilised.

If you work hard, results will show.


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