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One of the reasons why I started this blog years ago was because I wanted to talk about the books I’ve just read. Now, I’ve decided it was time to go back to where I started.

After my failed attempt at reading 25 books last year (at least I think it was 25!), I really wanted to begin again. And what better book to start with than this!

Everyone was RAVING on about this book, so naturally, I had to check it out.


You can read the blurb of the book here!

The Good:

It’s set in your usual dystopian society with an imbalance between two groups. What drew me to this book was the whole concept of ‘Reds’ and ‘Silvers’. How people are separated just by the physical appearance of their blood. Also, the silver blood intrigued me. From the blurb, you immediately know that Mare, a Red and the main character in this book, develops her own ability which for a Red, is unheard of. Naturally in dystopian novels, something sets the protagonist apart. For example, Tris is divergent. Katniss is the mockingjay and here, Mare is a red with the power to create lightning. And I thought this was pretty badass. Especially since she is able to create something, whereas most Silvers, as we’re told, are only able to manipulate.

Although sometimes a bit predictable, the plot was great! I really enjoyed getting to know the different High Houses and the families that belonged to them. I have to say, the last few chapters were some of the best. THE MASSIVE PLOT TWIST! (Which I kind of had a feeling something would happen but it was still great to read). My most favourite character had to be Farley, the leader of the Scarlet Guard, and I especially loved her because of this:

“You want me to pin my entire operation, the entire revolution on some teenaged love story? I can’t believe this”

The not so good:

The biggest thing that irked me was the pace of the plot. Some elements had a good pace but for the most part, it was a bit too quick for me. For example, the part where Mare’s family finds out about her powers, I personally felt was an important moment but even that felt a bit too rushed. Everyone was suddenly accepting of this without questioning why exactly it’s happened. OR when she finds herself living a Silver life and becoming apart of a plan to ruin the Silvers from within… I felt like there was SO much Mare could’ve done from within to help, but I felt like she became a spectator whilst others did the work.She had an opportunity to get her hands dirty but she didn’t really do much. Minus the ending of course.

Another thing that I really would’ve loved for the author to do was to write more of Julian and Farley. I would’ve loved to get to know them more because I find them so interesting! I know there is another book dubbed ‘Cruel Crown’ which consists of two stories, one of Farley and the other of Cal’s deceased mother, also known as the former Silver Queen (which I will also be checking out!). But if Victoria Aveyard were ever to write a book from Julian’s perspective, I will definitely be picking it up.



I think four stars out of five is a fair rating for this book. I really enjoyed visiting another world through Mare and I can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel. Especially since we were left with a very angry Mare at the end of Red Queen.




  1. I also have a book review coming up for this and I agree with most yours. Definitely predictable and yes Farley is Queen!! I can’t wait to read the short story about her. Great post. Very well written!


    1. I managed to find a copy of one of the short stories to Cruel Crown called ‘Queen Song’ and it honestly Noor, the ending got me in the feels (you might have noticed from my tweets!) I would’ve loved for that particular story to be longer. Haven’t managed to get my hands on Farley’s story though 😦

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