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I have tried so very hard to resist the temptation to buy new books, especially since I’m currently making my way through the Throne of Glass series. It didn’t help that Noor posted her own little book haul which tempted me even more. Eventually, I gave in. I’m weak, so sue me. It also didn’t help that my free trial of Amazon prime was going to run out soon so thought, better take advantage of it whilst I can.

I tried my best to buy as little as possible and I think I did good.

The new books that currently reside in my bookshelf are:

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

I’ve had my eye on this book for a while, especially since I wanted to read this before watching the film. There have been endless amount of people reading this on the train, and I’ve always meant to pick this up. Plus, I really love thrillers after getting into them a few years ago.

You can read the blurb here.

This book has a mixed review, especially within my circle of friends but what drew me to it was when I saw a trailer for the film. It really intrigued me, which then led me to look up the book, and the fact that it was a psychological thriller sold it for me. As I said, I like a good thriller!

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

The second book in my haul, it’s a fairly new release, with it being published in September this year. What sold me? Three sisters and their fight (LIT-ER-ALLY) for the crown. Not to mention, all three sisters have some magical powers. BUT ALL IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS! Each sister has to fight the other till the death, but the true test lie’s in which sister is truly the darkest (you know, what with killing her own blood and all for a crown). I’m beyond excited to read this book as it’s different from the usual ‘marginalised heroine off to save society from the true evil that threatens all’. Because in this one, THEY’RE ALL POTENTIALLY EVIL.

You can read more about this exciting novel here!


An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

I don’t really know what drew me to this book but I guess I was looking to indulge myself in another world. Currently in the Throne of Glass universe, I’m going through emotional hell having invested a lot of myself in it. So I thought, maybe I need to take a trip somewhere else?

An Ember in the Ashes follows the story of a slave, Laia, and a soldier Elias, both unhappy within the society their in. Both serving their Empire unwillingly. Laia gets recruited as a spy after she reaches out to the rebels to rescue her brother, who was to be executed for treason. This story is set in Rome, a territory I haven’t quite ventured into yet so this will be something new for me.

You can read the full blurb here.

I say this with great reluctance but I think I won’t be buying books forย a while. I’m still yet to get through the Throne of Glass series (I’m on Heir of Fire) and decided to finish reading all the books on my shelf before purchasing anymore. That sounds pretty reasonable!

What are you guys currently reading/what’s next on your TBR list?


On another note, you guys might have noticed my Instagram feed at the side. I’ll be posting a lot of study/bullet journal related posts as well as updates for my blog. Watch me struggle relentlessly as I try to stick to my white theme.



5 thoughts on “BOOK HAUL #1

  1. Great post! I’ve been keeping an eye on Three Dark Crowns but unsure whether to get it or not but it sounds different to anything I’ve read! And I’ve read The Girl on the Train and it’s not my most favourite thriller!

    1. Hi Kate, thanks for you comment! And I’ve already finished reading TGOTT thanks to all my journeys to uni, and I did enjoy it but there were parts I wasn’t so happy with. I’ll be posting a review for it soon. And I’ve currently moved onto Three Dark Crowns and will definitely post a review on this. I agree, TDC is different from what I’ve read before!

      1. No problem ๐Ÿ™‚ what do you think of it so far? Also i’m really loving your instagram, gave it a follow ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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