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I managed to read this book very quickly, due to all the train journeys I take thanks to uni. It makes it all the more enjoyable and I look forward to the actual journey, just to read my book. As I reiterated in a previous post, I first became interested in this novel after coming across the film trailer and wanted to have a read BEFORE watching it in cinemas.

You can check the blurb here!

The good:

I LOVE A THRILLER! And boy did this book keep me on my toes. I think one of the best things about the book were the characters, particularly Rachel and Megan. I honestly loved the way both were written and gave a real glimpse into their lives and how it’s shaped their mental health. In particular Rachel, who seems to be lonely. You feel incredibly sorry for her after everything that’s happened. I found myself becoming angry at some points in the book when Anna felt no empathy for her, especially she is one of two who did her wrong. As women, we should try and empower each other but in this case, Anna was doing jack all and was enjoying living the life Rachel craved for. Rachel’s emotions have been mapped out so brilliantly, you feel almost everything she’s feeling. There were parts where I was thinking “RACHEL WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?!!” because you realise, some of the things she discusses aren’t real, particularly the life she made for “Jess” and “Jason” or she just makes some bad decisions, but again, it just goes to show how well the book was written.

“The holes in your life are permanent. You have to grow around them, like tree roots around concrete; you mould yourself through the gaps”

The not so good:

The ending/last few chapters of the novel ruined it for me. The big reveal I felt like was a bit odd, especially since I feel like it was out of the blue. It’s hard to talk about without revealing any spoilers but, I feel like whole ending was just rushed. And it didn’t feel like justice either. It didn’t feel real. I was so disappointed that it made me realise that perhaps it was this reason why there’s such mixed reviews. However, I am glad that in the ending (the last two pages) everything isn’t all hunky dory because that wouldn’t be real, and nor would it be an accurate representation of mental health.



I think this is a fair rating for this book. When I think about it, despite its brilliant writing, the ending really disappointed me. It had fantastic potential! Therefore, compared to all the thrillers I’ve read so far, The Girl on the Train wouldn’t be on top of the pile, more like in the middle/towards the end. I mean, for 3/4 of the book, I would easily give a 4.5-5 stars but it just goes to show just how important and ending is.

I’m still planning to watch the film though, despite this. For those of you who’ve read it before, what did you guys think?




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