On the 6th of October, I went to my very first book signing, and it just happened to belong to one of my favourite authors.




*eternally screams*

It didn’t quite hit me until I took my seat and looked ahead onto the stage. I think I had quite a good seat, managing to get a great view of the stage. I didn’t realise or didn’t pay attention to when she had actually come on stage, I was too busy bobbing my head to the music until everyone else started shrieking! And then, she graced us with her presence.

Sarah J Maas was everything I’d hope she’d be and more. She was incredibly funny and such a nice person! We got a tiny glimpse into potential future project and also learned that she still keeps a cardboard cut out of Gandalf (or Legolas I can’t remember) in her office, which her husband seems to be intimidated by. Mwahahaha.

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Speaking of her husband, he came and took up book stamping duty and Sarah signed the books away. I have to say, he did a great job! When it was my turn to have my book signed, I was very nervous. I had no idea what to say! Like what do you even say to one of your favourite authors? My friend got Sarah to break the spine of her book as Sarah is a serial spine breaker and everyone else isn’t.  With this in mind, I thought what the heck, it’s going to be painful but at least, it will be at the hands of the lady herself. But being me, it didn’t go quite to plan. I’d like to think it was a mixture of nerves and excitement.

She’s sitting there, beaming and greeting me.

Sarah: Thank you for coming along!

And I think wow, this person who wrote this fab book is actually talking to me.

Me: No problem!


Quick, think of something to say!

Me: My friend came up and asked you to do what I’m about to ask you but could you PLEASE BREAK MY SPINE?!

I didn’t register what came out of my mouth immediately. Sarah’s husband was snickering and I remember still smiling like an idiot, thinking maybe I should laugh too. It wasn’t until he said “that’ll hurt” when I realised. And inside, I was screaming. I felt myself going red, and not because of the heat of the light above me. “Memories eh?” her husband said. Although I laughed it off, and received my books and walked away, I just wished I had said something else. But he was right. It’s something that will make me cringe eternally but, I it was indeed a something I’ll remember. And perhaps prepare what I’m going to say next time!

I’d love to go to another Sarah J. Maas signing, and definitely plan to when the last book in the series is out, if she ever comes back to the UK that is. I wish I took a picture with the lady herself but they did have a lot of people to get through. Maybe next time if I’m lucky.

img_-deiryd img_gepv7b



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