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A week or so ago, I left the house for uni and just as I was waiting for my train to arrive, I check through my university emails only to see that the lecture I was going in for was cancelled. The obvious choice was to go home, however, I was supposed to meet a few friends when I had gotten back so didn’t want to go home and then leave again! Decisions, decisions.

I had quite a few hours to kill and knew that I couldn’t quite possible use all that time to window shop- it’ll drive me insane! That’s when I thought how I really wanted to see ‘The Girl on the Train’ but had no one to see it with. The thing is, I knew none of my friends were interested in seeing the film and quite frankly, I wouldn’t ever take a friend along with me just to see a film I want to see, that would be incredibly unfair.

That’s when I decided to take a leap of faith and go watch the film… A L O N E.

There’s some sort of societal negativity attached to going to see a film by yourself. Let’s face it, we’ve always seen one or two people alone in the cinema’s and often wondered why they’ve come alone. And for some reason, I was more afraid of what people thought of me as they see little old me, by myself munching on some overpriced popcorn, and focusing really hard on the screen.

Going up to the ticket counter was much easier than I thought. Here’s the truth, they don’t care, and neither should you. Also, you’re probably not the only single cinema-goer they’ve handed a ticket to that day. I quickly grabbed my popcorn and my ticket, and made my way to the screen they were showing ‘The Girl on the Train’ on. It was dark and I had the whole room completely to myself. And once I sat down and made myself comfy, I thought “I can do this”. I munched on my popcorn, making my way through half the bag when the door opened. And all the confidence I felt went down the drain.


It wasn’t too full but I could spot two couples, and a group of old ladies and yet the whole time until the film started, my mind was racing as to what those people would think of me and watching the film alone. We are so consumed with what people think of us, it’s no wonder why people don’t do such activities alone more often.

But here’s the reality of it: no one cares.

Sure, there might be that odd person wondering why but it will be nothing more than that. When the film started, I found myself shutting away from everyone else in the room and I have to say, I really enjoyed the whole experience and would definitely do it again.

It’s a shame that the film sucked. Though Emily Blunt is a very good actress.

What do you guys think of going to the cinemas by yourself? Would you ever do it? Have you done it?


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