It’s been two weeks since I’ve last posted but I decided to prioritise my phonetics exam and I’m glad I did. These past few days have been a whirlwind of emotions but I am back to blogging! This week, I realised I was hitting the last few pages of my journal, and how handy that my friends have gifted a few for my birthday…


Journaling and keeping a record of my memories has always intrigued me, which is why for years, I tried to keep a journal/diary. And again, I would hopelessly fail because I’d try to write in my note book every single day and it soon became a chore, rather than being quite the opposite. I remember when I was younger, my entries ALWAYS used to start with “Dear diary..” and I am so glad I’ve dropped that.

Fast forward a few years later, and I was food shopping with my family in Sainsburys and took a trip down to the stationary isle, to do a bit of window shopping. My eyes immediately drew towards a hardback notebook in the clearance section. My reasons for buying it was more to do with me getting a bargain than becoming inspired to start writing (It was a £6 notebook, down to £2, I couldn’t believe my eyes!).


Currently, this notebook has acclaimed memories of two years. I haven’t written in this everyday, but more tasked myself to write when I felt like writing. Before I knew it, I found myself recording my memories during times when I was upset or going through a sticky situation.

I’ve not got many pages left to fill which excites me because a) I’ve stuck to something and b) IT’S TIME FOR A NEW NOTEBOOK! A filled notebook makes me happy so when I flick through the pages and skim over what I’ve written, I’m in awe. It’s like I’m reading the pages from a third person and it’s amazing to see how much life has moved on/changed since a ‘tricky’ post.

Journaling has also helped me keep a record of some amazing memories and events. I like to keep a receipts or a ticket from an eventful day for example, my ticket from when I went to Sarah J. Maas’s book signing, or the cinema ticket from when I first saw The Fault in Our Stars. It gives great nostalgia!

This notebook has served me well for two years. So much so that come 2017, I have this fabulous notebook waiting for me:


It’s sparkly, spiral bound, and hard back!

I really recommend journaling to everyone. It has helped me immensely during tricky periods of stress and anxiety. Since technology is taking over, we don’t really seem to want to write anymore but I think journaling is perhaps one of those things that won’t fade away. And I hope it doesn’t.




  1. This has got me so inspired and I really want to write again! I filled one when I was in 6th form and it’s amazing to see how I’ve changed! Also remember how broken I was at TFIOS 😭😭 that movie still makes me cry! Love this post T! I have like thousand notebooks maybe I should put one of them to use!

    Noor x

    1. Yes! Definitely give it a go because it’s sooo therapeutic! Also looking back, its amazing to literally READ about change. I’ve still got the movie ticket from when we went to see TFIOS! And I remember when I looked to you when it was nearing the end you were crying! x

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